A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Vietnam Visa for Slovak Citizens

A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Vietnam Visa for Slovak Citizens

Are you a Slovak citizen with an insatiable wanderlust for the vibrant landscapes, rich history, and exquisite cuisine of Vietnam? Look no further! We have prepared a comprehensive guide that will navigate you through the maze of visa requirements and help make your dream trip to Vietnam a reality. Whether you’re planning a leisurely vacation or embarking on an adventurous escapade, this blog post is your ultimate go-to resource for obtaining a Vietnam visa hassle-free. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards securing your ticket to explore the captivating wonders of Vietnam! VIETNAM VISA FOR SLOVAK CITIZENS

Introduction to Vietnam Visa for Slovak Citizens

Vietnam has become a popular destination for tourists from all around the world, including Slovak citizens. With its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine, it’s no wonder why more and more Slovaks are choosing Vietnam as their holiday destination. However, before traveling to this Southeast Asian gem, Slovak citizens need to obtain a visa.

In this section of our guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information about obtaining a Vietnam visa for Slovak citizens. We’ll cover everything from the types of visas available to the application process and requirements.

Types of Vietnam Visas for Slovak Citizens:

There are two main types of visas that are available to Slovak citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam: tourist visa and business visa. The tourist visa is suitable for those who plan on visiting Vietnam for leisure or sightseeing purposes, while the business visa is intended for individuals traveling to Vietnam for work-related reasons.

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa allows Slovak citizens to enter Vietnam once or multiple times with a maximum stay of 30 days per entry. It can be applied online through the official website of the Vietnamese Immigration Department or via an embassy or consulate. VIETNAM VISA FOR SLOVENIAN CITIZENS

Business Visa: The business visa also allows Slovak citizens multiple entries into Vietnam with a maximum stay of 30 days per entry. However, it requires sponsorship from a Vietnamese company or organization and must be applied through an embassy or consulate.

Application Process:

Slovak citizens have two options when it comes to applying for a Vietnam visa – online or at an embassy/consulate. The online application process is straightforward and can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You will need to fill out an application form, pay the processing fee, and upload supporting documents such as your passport information page and travel itinerary.

If you choose to apply at an embassy/consulate, you will need to visit in person with all required documents. The processing time may vary depending on the embassy/consulate, so it’s best to check the specific requirements beforehand.


The general requirements for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Slovak citizens include a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining, a completed application form, and a recent passport-sized photo. For business visas, an invitation letter from the sponsoring company or organization is also required. It’s essential to ensure that all information provided in the application is accurate and matches your passport details to avoid any delays or rejections.

Slovak citizens can easily obtain a Vietnam visa through either online or embassy/consulate applications. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the different types of visas available and their respective requirements before applying. In the next section, we will discuss in detail the process of applying for a Vietnam visa online.

Types of Vietnamese Visas Available for Slovak Citizens

Vietnam offers a variety of visas for visitors from Slovakia, depending on the purpose and length of their stay. Below are the different types of Vietnamese visas available for Slovak citizens.

  1. Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is the most common type of visa issued to Slovak citizens who wish to visit Vietnam for leisure purposes. It allows a single entry or multiple entries with a maximum stay of up to 30 days. This visa can be obtained online through the e-visa system or by applying at any Vietnamese embassy or consulate in Slovakia.

  1. Business Visa

Slovak citizens traveling to Vietnam for business purposes need to apply for a business visa. This type of visa allows multiple entries with a maximum stay of up to 90 days per entry. It requires an invitation letter from a company or organization in Vietnam and can be applied for online or at the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

  1. Work Visa

For those seeking employment opportunities in Vietnam, a work visa is required. Applicants must have an approved work permit from their employer in Vietnam before applying for this type of visa. The work visa allows multiple entries with a maximum stay of one year and can be extended while in Vietnam.

  1. Student Visa

Slovak students planning to study in Vietnam are required to obtain a student visa before arrival. This type of visa is valid for one year and can be extended if necessary while studying in Vietnam.

  1. Transit Visa

If you are just passing through Vietnam on your way to another country, you will need a transit visa that allows stays up to 5 days for each transit trip within 30 days from the date of entry into Vietnam.

6.Medical Treatment Visa

In case you require medical treatment in Vietnam, you will need either a tourist or business visa depending on the length and purpose of your stay.

7.Diplomatic/Official Visas

These types of visas are reserved only for holders of diplomatic or official passports and are issued free of charge. However, an approval from the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required before applying for this visa.

It is essential to note that all types of visas mentioned above require a passport with a minimum validity of six months, a completed application form, and at least two blank pages for immigration stamps. The processing time varies depending on the type of visa and the method of application. Therefore, it is advised to apply well in advance before your intended travel date.

As a Slovak citizen planning to visit Vietnam, it is crucial to determine the purpose and duration of your stay to select the appropriate type of visa. It is also important to carefully follow all requirements and regulations set by the Vietnamese government to ensure a smooth entry into the country.

Requirements for Obtaining a Vietnam Visa:

Slovak citizens planning to travel to Vietnam must obtain a valid visa before their departure. The process of obtaining a Vietnamese visa may seem daunting, but with the right information and proper preparation, it can be easily done.

  1. Passport validity: The first requirement for obtaining a Vietnam visa is having a valid passport. Your passport should have at least six months of validity from the date of your arrival in Vietnam. Additionally, it should have at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.
  2. Visa application form: Slovak citizens can apply for a Vietnamese visa through an online portal or by visiting the nearest embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Slovakia. In both cases, you will need to fill out a visa application form accurately with all the required information.
  3. Personal documents: Along with the completed application form, you will also need to submit certain personal documents such as your original passport, recent passport-sized photographs (usually two), and proof of accommodation in Vietnam (hotel reservation or invitation letter from host).
  4. Validity and type of visa: It is essential to select the correct type and validity period of your visa according to your purpose of visit before applying. There are three main types of visas available for Slovak citizens – tourist visa (valid up to 30 days), business visa (valid up to 90 days), and diplomatic/official visas.
  5. Visa fees: There are specific fees associated with obtaining a Vietnamese visa that varies depending on your nationality, type, and duration of stay in Vietnam. These fees can be paid either online or at the embassy/consulate during submission.
  6. Supporting documents: Depending on the purpose of your visit, additional supporting documents may be required along with your application form such as flight itinerary, bank statements showing sufficient funds, employment verification letter etc.
  7. Approval letter (for e-visa): If applying for an electronic-visa (e-visa), you will need to obtain an approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department before departure. This letter will be sent to your registered email and should be presented upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam.
  8. Visa processing time: The processing time for a Vietnamese visa depends on the application method chosen, but it usually takes 2-3 working days for an e-visa and 5-7 working days for embassy/consulate applications.

Obtaining a Vietnam visa as a Slovak citizen requires careful attention to detail and thorough preparation. By meeting all the above requirements and submitting accurate information, you can ensure a smooth visa application process. So plan ahead, gather all necessary documents, and get ready to experience the beauty of Vietnam!

Passport Validity and Expiration Date:

When planning a trip to Vietnam, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your passport validity and expiration date. As a Slovak citizen, it is crucial to have an up-to-date and valid passport before applying for a Vietnam visa.

According to the Vietnamese government’s regulations, all foreign visitors are required to hold a passport with at least six months’ validity beyond their intended stay in Vietnam. This means that if your planned stay in Vietnam is for two weeks, your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of entry. Failure to meet this requirement may result in being denied entry into the country.

In addition to meeting the minimum validity requirement, it is also essential to check the expiration date of your passport. It is recommended that you have at least one blank page available in your passport for immigration stamps upon arrival in Vietnam. If you do not have any blank pages or if they are damaged, you will need to renew your passport before applying for a visa.

It is crucial to note that even if you meet these requirements when initially entering Vietnam, you must ensure that your passport remains valid until after you leave the country. If your passport were to expire while still in Vietnam, it could lead to complications when trying to exit the country and could result in penalties or delays.

Moreover, it is important to note that some airlines may have specific requirements regarding passport validity as well. It would be best if you checked with your airline before booking tickets or departing for Vietnam.

It is highly recommended that travelers always double-check their passports’ expiration dates before making any travel arrangements or planning an international trip. In case of an expired or soon-to-expire passport, make sure to apply for renewal well ahead of time and obtain a new one with sufficient validity before traveling.

Having a valid and up-to-date passport with sufficient validity beyond your intended stay is essential when applying for a Vietnam visa. Failure to meet these requirements may result in being denied entry or facing difficulties during your trip. Make sure to plan and check your passport validity well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.


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