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As the leaves start to change and the crisp fall air sets in, Canadians eagerly anticipate one of the most exciting celebrations of the year: Oktoberfest. From coast to coast, there are countless events that pay homage to this German festival with beer, food, music, and fun. So if you’re looking for some authentic Bavarian festivities or just a great excuse to raise a stein with friends and family, join us as we explore the best Oktoberfest celebrations across Canada – where to go and what to do! CANADA VISA FOR TOURISTS

Which Canadian Cities Have the Best Oktoberfests?

Toronto is known for its delicious food, but what many people don’t know is that Toronto also has one of the best Oktoberfests in Canada. For a city with so much to offer, there is no shortage of Oktoberfest celebrations to choose from. Here are five great options to experience the German festival tradition in Toronto this fall!

1. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is home to the annual Oktoberfest on the Rotunda Stage. This family-friendly event features live music, beer tastings, and traditional German fare like bratwurst, sauerkraut, and rich desserts. There is also a kids’ zone full of games and activities, so you can relax after a long day of exploring the fairgrounds. The CNE opens on September 5th and runs until October 18th.

2. The Bier Markt at Washington Market offers guests a taste of Germany without leaving Toronto. This indoor marketplace celebrates all things Bavarian with more than 50 vendors selling authentic foods and drinks like Pretzels with beer cheese sauce, schnitzel with mushroom gravy, and schwarzbier (a type of dark ale). The Bier Markt opens at 6pm on Saturdays throughout the fall season and closes at 10pm every night except Sundays. OKTOBERFEST IN CANADA

3. Miller Park marks the unofficial start to Oktoberfest season in Toronto with its annual pre-party on Saturday, September 8

What to Expect at an Oktoberfest Event in Canada

There’s no doubt that Oktoberfest is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional German beer and food celebration or simply looking for an excuse to dress up in lederhosen and dirndls, there’s a surefire way to enjoy this autumnal event in Canada. Here are five of the best Oktoberfest celebrations across the country:

1. The Toronto Oktoberfest: Held at Exhibition Place each year, this festival is one of the largest and most popular Oktoberfests in Canada. There’s plenty of German beer, food, and music to enjoy, making it a great place to celebrate with family and friends. Plus, it’s easy to get to from all over Toronto.

2. The Calgary Oktoberfest: Another big festival held annually in Calgary, thisOktoberfest features plenty of German beers and foods along with live entertainment. It’s also a great place to take your kids – there are plenty of activities for them to participate in while you catch some live music.

3. The Edmonton Oktoberfest: This smaller-scale but nonetheless excellent celebration takes place at Heritage Park every year and boasts authentic German cuisine as well as beer from local breweries. It’s also home to several fun activities for guests, like a Bavarian egg hunt or stein-tossing contests.

How to Celebrate an Oktoberfest Event in Canada

If you’re looking to celebrate an Oktoberfest event in Canada, there are many places to go and many ways to enjoy the festivities. Here are some of the best Oktoberfest celebrations across Canada:

1. The Halifax Oktoberfest takes place at the South Common in downtown Halifax from September 17-October 3. This festival features a variety of food and drink options, live music, and activities for all ages.

2. The Calgary Oktoberfest celebrates its 45th anniversary this year and takes place from September 17-24 at various venues around the city. There’s usually a huge selection of beer, wine, and food available at this popular event, as well as amusement rides and entertainment for the kids.

3. In Victoria, BC, the annual Oktoberfest celebration runs from October 1-4 and features a variety of food options (from traditional German fare to Canadianized versions), live music performances, arts & crafts booths, plus traditional games like chicken foot toss and beer stein tossing.

4. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Septembershiner Festival takes place over three weekends in September (at different locations throughout the city). This festival features a variety of food options (both traditional German specialties as well as local favourites), beer tastings (from dozens of local and international breweries), live music performances by regional stars (like Johnny Reid & The Messengers), along with family-friendly festivities like petting

Where to Eat during an Oktoberfest Event in Canada

If you’re looking for a truly authentic Oktoberfest experience, be sure to head to one of the many celebrations taking place across Canada. From Toronto to Vancouver, here are five of the best Oktoberfest celebrations in Canada:

1. The Toronto Oktoberfest: Held at Exhibition Place every year since 1887, the Toronto Oktoberfest is one of the largest and most well-known Oktoberfests in all of Canada. There’s plenty of beer and food to enjoy, along with traditional German music and dancing.

2. The Calgary Oktoberfest: Held at Fort Calgary every year since 1984, the Calgary Oktoberfest is another large and well-known celebration of German culture. There’s lots of beer, food, and entertainment available at this festival, making it a great place to spend an evening during October.

3. The Vancouver Oktoberfest: Held annually at Coal Harbour Park in downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Oktoberfest is another fun-filled event that celebrates all things German. There’s plenty of beer (and wine!) available for purchase, as well as arts and crafts showings and live music performances throughout the day.

4. The Edmonton OktoberFest: Held annually at Northlands Expo Centre in Edmonton, the Edmonton OktoberFest is a smaller but still popular celebration with lots happening throughout its 3 days duration.


Looking to celebrate Oktoberfest in style this year? Whether you’re a fan of traditional German beer and foods or just want to enjoy some festive fun, our roundup of the best Oktoberfest celebrations across Canada has everything you need to get into the spirit. From Munich-inspired festivals to cozy pubs serving up traditional pub grub, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re planning your own celebration or just looking for ideas on where to go, be sure to check out our list. Bon Appetit!

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